Dryer Vent Cleaning You Can Trust!

Clean Sweep Carpets has been instrumental in providing fresh, clean, indoor air to area homes and businesses for years.

It sounds like a small thing, but dryer vent cleaning is a vital part of home maintenance.

dryer duct cleaning moore okDryer Vent Cleaning Benefits:

  • Save time – Clean dryer vents allow air and moisture to properly escape, decreasing the time it takes to dry a load of laundry.
  • Save money – A clean vent allows your clothes dryer to work efficiently, which results in decreased drying time and saves on dryer utility costs. As an additional bonus your clothing will spend less time tumbling, meaning decreased wear and tear, so they will last longer, saving you additional money.
  • Improve fire safety – Each year there are over 15,500 dryer vent fires in the U.S. alone; removing trapped lint and debris greatly reduces the chance of a dryer fire
  • Decrease health risks – Removing debris, including rodent and bird nests, from vents decreases the occurrence of molds, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can cause a variety of health problems.

According to National Air Duct Cleaners Association the average American home produces 40 pounds of dust per year!

We have the right equipment for the job, and clean air ducts mean cleaner indoor air quality for your whole family.

Drier Duct Cleaning and Inspection:

We perform hundreds of professional dryer vent cleanings each year.

Our experienced technicians will identify why your dryer vent is not venting correctly.

In most cases, a dryer vent simply needs a periodic cleaning. With our see-through cleaning system, you can see exactly how much damaging debris and lint has built up in your dryer duct system.

According to The Consumer Product Safety Commission, ( CPSC ), annually there are 15,500 Dryer Fires, up to 30 Deaths and over 310 injuries, due to dryer exhaust duct fires.

You should have your dryer hose and surrounding area cleaned at least once a year, and inspect the vent and hose for any blockages every 6 months.


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